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The brothers, sisters and friends of Fr.M.Ladislaus wrote in November, 2005, “ We would like to tell you something about our orphanage project in Kandy, Sri Lanka. We started an orphanage for girls in 2004 with 06 children. When we started this new project they had only an empty house. Later, we started collecting the necessary items for the children from the well-wishers and a few friends. After the Tsunami in December, 2004, we had taken 06 more children into the orphanage from the Tsunami affected areas. There are now 12 girls aged from 06 to 08 in this house. They all go to the public school during the week days. Since Sri Lanka is a poor country we find it difficult to raise funds for this project. The Christian population in this country is only 07 % and this is entirely a private project. We have employed a matron, a lady cook, a watcher and a driver in the orphanage”.

“Our main concern is to educate these parentless children, to provide them shelter, love and care and also to discipline them to become good leaders and dedicated Christians of the future society in Sri Lanka. We have to recruit an assistant matron also for the orphanage”.

Since they wrote these words the Board of Directors have taken in one more girl and employed an assistant matron. They hope to provide accommodation and care for more children in the future. The future plan is to put up an upstair building for the children at the orphanage. They need a building with the dormitory for the children and the rooms for the staff members. They need three more toilets, beds, furniture, children park, a big van to take the children to the school, pantry cup-board and kitchen items. The staff members are to be paid every month.

In order to provide this accommodation for more children and to maintain and improve the standard and care provided to the girls who are already there the new project requires funds:

You Can help

By sending donations to the orphanage.

The easy way to send a small donation is by Travellers cheque, normal cheque and by bank transfer to the orphanage Bank Account.

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